Namek's Thoughts...

Friday, February 22, 2002
My mom got me up at 7 damn O'clock just because she didn't feel like waking up my sister... bah. Now she's always getting me to watch her while she takes my brother to school. Why can't he just take the bus? Probobly afraid of getting raped or something. ;) They linke those young tender boys. Anyway, I'm going right back to sleep when she gets home. >:(

Ahh, nothing like a good shower. My back was killing me and I was feeling rather oily, so I decided to wash up a bit. I turned the water on as hot as I could stand it, and let it hit my back for a time... then it was time to wash. Hair first, then, starting at the neckline, work down the body to the feet. I feel as though I've lost 10 pounds in dried sweat and bodily oils! A good wash refreshes the soul and allows you to think more clearly. You also won't offend the people around you, you stank-ass fuck. ;-)

:(... My back is killing me, the entire left side feels sore and tight. I think I might have pulled it while carrying 6 or so cases of natural light around in the cooler to stock them up. They say to bend your knees and lift straight up, but it's hard to do that when the cases are against the wall and you're surrounded by other cases and boxes. Plus it's cold in there at first, and once you get adjusted to it, the outside feels very hot, (which it is, he keeps the store at around 70 all the time. Ack. I perfer around 60) Maybe I can sue my boss, LOL. Heh, I just now farted, sounded like a duck, heh. I get paid tomorrow, maybe I'll get a good haul. I'm saving up for a car, and a PS2, and some Gamecube controllers, and shite. Fucking moth won't leave me alone, just landed on my monitor. I smashed it. Well, this is the end. FU ALL and PZ OUT BRTHRS.

Thursday, February 21, 2002
I got home from work about half a hour ago. There was pizza there for me, so I didn't have to make the ramen that I bought yet. Gorged myself on pizza and coke while playing super smash brothers melee. The boss was nice today, didn't give me any shite. Had to do inventory work though, sorting through tubs of merchandise, pricing items and stocking items. Bah. Then I had to mop, with dumb hicks stepping all over it without so much as even an "excuse me". Bastards. I have to go work on the CD Mix for my church's Father-Daughter dance. I'll post later. Byea. ;)